As children, we often heard of fairy tales. Not surprisingly, we believed in them too. Then life caught up. We grew up. Surprisingly, the child inside us, never did! In a world which is so guarded and fearful, it really does not hurt to have a fairy tale like experience once in a while, does it?

Then let’s go get one! In a first ever Broadway like experience, Disney has brought to us the age old story of Beauty & the Beast- one story which is truly capable of redefining our faith in a thing called love!

Beauty, the prettiest daughter of a once-upon-a-time wealthy merchant, was a woman with extraordinary faith. She also outshone her sisters, both in skills and as a person. When her father faced big losses and irreversible situations, Beauty was the only one who volunteered to help. Beauty & the Beast traces the story of how Beauty sacrificed the lifestyle she was used to, only to keep the word her father had given. It was during this journey that she met a beast who was a prince in folds of a curse & with whom she eventually fell in love with. This is one story which not only highlights the true strength of love, but also redefines the strength in the saying that - ‘It’s not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything’. Deep, yes! But true? Absolutely yes!

Beauty and The Beast was Disney's inaugural theatrical production, premiering on Broadway in 1994 and has since travelled to more than 28 countries, ranking as one of the longest-running and highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time. Now coming to Mumbai City for the second time, this is one musical that fans are waiting for with bated breath.

Disney has been famous for bringing across to the audiences, stage productions which strikes a chord immediately. Back on popular demand, Beauty & the Beast in Mumbai promises to be an absolutely unmissable experience for fans of high quality entertainment, with a 100 member strong cast and crew, mesmerizing sets, breath taking music & aerial performances. A powerful prologue by none other than the megastar Amitabh Bachchan is just the cherry on the top!

So get set to witness the breath taking beauty of a story as old as time, recreated in a form oh-so-classical. With passes to the show available on popular platforms like BookMyShow, this enthralling experience is just a choice away!

Written By: Nikita Mehta | Post Date: 1st April 2016



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