If you are a movie buff, then movie discussions come inadvertently to you; and for a good reason too! Discussions are an essential ingredient to fully experience a movie. These discussions provide us with insight into the movie premise, plot and even makes us spot some of the subtle story elements that we tend to miss. So, what better way of experiencing the movie mania than at one of the best events in Mumbai?

For those not aware of what BandCamp Talkies is, it is a way of experiencing cinema in an unconstrained manner, under the open sky, and have fervent discussions about it. A camping trip in Mumbai with movies at the center stage is another way of describing Bandcamp talkies. What makes it even geekier is that you will find yourself amongst the company of fellow geeks and movie enthusiasts. Thus, you will be encountering fellow movie aficionados who just like you share a keen interest in the intricacies that come together to make a movie the masterpiece that’s adored and appraised by many.

The amphitheater to be found at Bandcamp talkies is where the whole experience comes alive. But, you might be wondering what about the movies?
The best is in store for you. The schedule will be the following,

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 3rd February
Pirate Radio - 10th February
The Darjeeling Unlimited - 24th February.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
If you were ever under the assumption that all love stories are the same, then brace yourself for an unapologetically different story that will leave you both laughing and moist- eyed at times. Starring the funnyman, Jim Carrey, and critically acclaimed actress Kate Winslet, this movie was a critic favorite and continues to be featured in many best movies of all time lists. The movie presents us with many ethical and philosophical conundrums which will only make the discussions so much livelier.

Pirate Radio
What do you get when you happen to have both drama and music as the key elements of the plot? You get Pirate Radio and the movie manages to capture an era when pirate radio enthusiasts were broadcasting and fulfilling the demand for Rock & Roll, which BBC (the main source of news and music) failed to satisfy.
Pirate Radio is a watch that is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in rock & roll's history.

The Darjeeling Limited
When Wes Anderson is at the helm of things, then an impeccable and melancholic cinematic journey is to be expected. The story revolves around a road trip that three estranged brothers take to India to discover the remedy for their spiritual wounds. A beautifully shot film, this is what you should have on your list if having a great time is your priority.
Being at the Bandcamp is your pass to enjoy a great movie and then just have a walk by the breezy beach. Great company, amazing movies and a location synonymous with serenity, awaits you. So book your tickets with us today! The online HTML and CSS cleaner will take care of your dirty markup. They are free online tools.

Written By: Nikita Mehta | Post Date: 8 February 2017



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