Want to change the way you look? Want some trendy clothes for the season? Never seem to know what to buy and what will look good on you? Hire the services of a fashion stylist.

Fashion stylist a word unheard of till recently - is one of the emerging professions in the fashion world globally. Who is a fashion stylist? A fashion stylist, as the name suggests, works with fashion trends to create a distinct style for a particular individual. The individual can be anyone from a model or a celebrity to a pressed-for-time business person or just anyone who wishes to create a distinct image of himself or herself.

Tasks such as keeping track of the latest trends in fashion, maintaining a network of contacts, deciding what would look good on people, finding suitable dresses and accessories and either hiring or purchasing them, helping people build a wardrobe as well as dressing up people fall under the purview of a fashion stylist. Fashion stylists have been known to set new trends in the fashion world. A fashion stylist can give a different look or a hip look to a traditional garment, which can become all the rage in the fashion industry. A stylist can give a celebrity a certain fancy accessory for a certain event and it might become the most-wanted one.

But not everyone can afford a fashion stylist for themselves. What do you do then for your personal fashion needs? Well, learn Fashion Styling yourself!

As an important aspect of day to day life, learning fashion styling can only be an added skill. ‘Beautify You’, a personal styling workshop by The Fisheye World Institute in Bandra, Mumbai , is a workshop designed for people trying to understand styling and enhance their styling skill to look amazing at all times. It is an enjoyable and informal workshop that teaches you how to get stylish every day, whatever your size, age, preferences or budget!

 With a team who will make sure that you are not uncomfortable, and with tickets available on popular platforms like BookMyShow , you are sure to leave this workshop with a head full of great ideas for reworking your own personal style & looking forward to looking and feeling great every day!

Written By: Nikita Mehta | Post Date: 22nd April 2016



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