Mumbai, this Monsoon bring out the photographer in you and paint the world with beautiful pictures. And in this, The Fish Eye World Institute of Photography will help you. Learn this wonderful art form and explore the colors of nature.

Doesn't matter if you are an amateur or an expert, a kid or an adult or a grown up, there are some set of photography skill workshops that await you this August! Let your creative side overpower you!

1. Photography Masterclass One on One Session
Develop your vision and creativity with this Photography Masterclass One on One Session, where the focus will be on the ethos and themes. Field technique, Composition, Post-Processing, Editing, Fine Art, and Refining the Direction of your work are few of the topics that will be covered under this session. In this three-hour workshop, you will learn new skills of photography and leave with some incredible images.

2. Hobby Photography Course
This workshop is specially designed for beginners. It will teach you how to take good pictures and turn them into great photographs. The fundamentals and basics of Photography will be covered in this two-hour workshop. It will help you develop your skills through mastery of professional techniques in easy and carefully planned steps.

3. Fashion Photography
If you aspire for a career in fashion photography, then this three-hour workshop should be your starting point. Fashion is much more than glossy magazines and designer labels. It is also about photography and styling. Learn how to translate a portrait into an iconic fashion image. Aesthetics are at the forefront of any fashion portrait. An image must be highly polished and refined. Learn to identify the essence of the story behind the portrait through clothing, gesture, and expression. The topics covered in this session will be Fashion Styling Techniques, Color Co-ordination, Usage of Props and Accessories, Lighting Techniques, Picture composition and Rules of photography. This workshop is designed for fashion photographers to understand this kind of photography and enhance their photo shoots to deliver amazing pictures.

4. Cinematography the DSLR Way
Cinematography is the art of Photography and camera work in film making. This workshop on cinematography by Fish Eye World Institute of Photography will introduce you to the art of motion-picture photography. Learn the workflow and techniques of shooting weddings, corporate videos, commercials and more with a DSLR camera.

Photography is fun! Get introduced to this amazing art form this Monsoon and embark on a journey of beautiful pictures and images.

Written By: Mansi Gupta | Post Date: 10 August 2016



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