Of music, Stevie Wonder once said that “It is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand.” He was right on all counts. Music defies the constraints of language, transcending the barriers of country, religion as well as socio-economic status to reach straight into the hearts of the people. Such is the power of music. Most times, music does this wordlessly, only through the beats of the drums or the table, or through the rhythm of the violin or the guitar.

That’s what Upaj is all about. As a music concert, its main aim is to bring people closer to the sublime world of music. Upaj also brings together the best the world of Indian classical music has to offer. When literally translated, Upaj means harvest. But in Indian classical music, it has an altogether different meaning. Here it’s a term used for the enthralling improvisations made by a skilled artist in the midst of his performance. Mind you, it’s not an easy feat to achieve and only the crème de la crème of the music world are equipped to handle it.

Upaj brings to you the best harvest of the music world. It combines three powerhouses, namely Zakir Hussain, Niladri Kumar and Taufiq Qureshi. A child prodigy of Indian classical music, Zakir Hussain needs little or no introduction. He’s a legendary tabla maestro with a fan base that is spread all over the world. He is often touted as the global icon of music. Upaj gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch Zakir Hussain live.

Accompanying Zakir Hussain on stage is the renowned sitar player Niladri Kumar. This unconventional genius is the man behind the brilliant invention of an electric sitar known as Zitar. In recent times, Niladri Kumar has emerged as the finest and undoubtedly one of the best music maestros of his time.

Sharing the stage with these two legends is another legend by the name of Taufiq Qureshi. An ace percussionist of India, he is the younger brother of tabla legend Zakir Hussain and has also mastered the art of playing the African percussion instrument Djembe.

If you’re looking for musical events in Mumbai, then Upaj is where your search ends, because together, these three legends promise to make it a musical night to remember. So book your tickets with us.

Written By: Sanjana Sule | Post Date: 12 December 2016



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