Learning is an ongoing process. There never comes a time when we cease to gain knowledge. As long as we go through the motions of life, we keep learning. Some learning is subtle, like the underlying lessons in the experiences life throws at us. Then there’s the other kind, the active learning. This is the kind that helps us hone our skills, to develop new ones, and helps us keep up with the constantly changing world.

It’s this latter type of learning we’re giving you a chance to engage in. Every week there are plenty of workshops that are conducted in the city with the sole aim of giving people a chance to learn something new. From Japanese style tie and dye, electronics, to website creation, each workshop will help you develop a new skill.

Over the past few months, 3D printing has gained a lot of traction, getting featured in numerous newspaper articles and magazines. The 3D printing technology has had a deep impact, revolutionizing industries like locomotives, food, research, medicine and many more. It’s safe to say that 3D printing technology is slowly and steadily changing the shape of the world. Of the many workshop events in Mumbai, one happens to be Introduction to 3D Printing. The main aim of the workshop is to offer a basic understanding of 3D printing, giving people a chance to familiarize themselves with this technology of the future.

In the world we live in today, a lot of the story telling is done through photographs. Especially in the digital world where the attention span of the visitors can be fleeting, impactful photographs can go a long way in keeping people on the page for longer. The art of good photography is an important skill to possess, which is why there’s a Digital Post-Processing Workshop being conducted in Bengaluru and Mumbai. The tricks learnt at this workshop will come in handy in your life and career.

These are just some of the interesting workshops being held in Mumbai. For more information on such intriguing learning lessons check out our Experiences page. Staying on top of all the workshops in Mumbai just got a whole lot easier.

Written By: Sanjana Sule | Post Date: 06 January 2017



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