A decade ago a band was conceived who’s steady rise to fame helped bring the genre of alternative metal to the forefront, making it an anthem of sorts for millions of teenagers. The name of that band was Linkin Park. But this story isn’t about Linkin Park, it’s about a band that found its inspiration in Linkin Park and is considered as a metalcore take on it. Formed six years ago, the band has managed to carve out its own niche in the pop/rock genre, amassing a loyal fan base over the years. This band is none other than Crown the Empire.

An American rock band, it was formed in Dallas Texas in the year 2010. A year later the band made their big debut in the music scene with their self-released EP Limitless. As is the case with most bands, Crown the Empire too has gone through its fair share of upheavals with a few of the original members walking out. As of now the band consists of five members.

The music of Crown the Empire is often described as moody and dramatic which sets them apart from their contemporaries. Their forte lies in fusing electronic ambience with metal catharsis creating music that is dense, without overpowering the lyrics or the feel of the song.

But why the sudden fascination with Crown the Empire? That’s because they’re gearing up for a live performance right here in Mumbai, at Mood Indigo. A cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mood Indigo is arguably one of the biggest fests of the city. Everyone clamours to be a part of this music festival in some way or the other.

Mood Indigo has a reputation of putting up stellar music concerts. In the past they’ve hosted bands such as Porcupine Tree, Simple Plan and Katatonia. This time they’re giving the audience a chance to enjoy rock music live by hosting the band Crown the Empire.

Skrat, a three piece garage/alternative rock band from Chennai will be the powerful opening act for this band from Dallas, Texas.

The concert promises to be an experience riddled with wild energy and exceptional music. A night you can enjoy if you’re over sixteen years of age. So don’t forget to get your tickets for this another party event in mumbai.

Written By: Mansi Gupta | Post Date: 22 December 2016



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