We are here to celebrate five classic movies that have wowed the Indian audience in 1957 and still continue to do so. These epics have been chosen, scored and ranked across multiple dimensions of Bollywood cinema including story, direction, acting performances, music and its cultural impact on the society.

1. Mother India
Mehboob Khan’s ‘Mother India’ in 1957, marked an era in the history of bollywood classic movies where women became the living embodiment of strong will power, courage and independency. This nationalist saga is one of the finest melodrama with plenty of musical numbers, situation comedy and lessons to remember. The central character Radha (Nargis Dutt) is shown as an exemplar for all the women of the nation whose determination to face all forms of adversities without compromising her honour becomes a symbol of nation’s pride.

2. Naya Daur
Naya Daur produced and directed by B.R. Chopra, has no action, superb looking sets or jazzed up actors but still manages to give away an extremely simple story told that depicts victory of individual’s ideals and beliefs. It’s an old movie which belongs to the genre of family drama and stars Dilip Kumar and Vyajantimala in the lead roles.The story by Saeed Mirza itself is worthy of mention as it has a timelessness attached to it and makes the movie a thing to cherish for a very long time.It’s a film which will revive your belief in human spirit, simplicity and humbleness of the character.

3. Pyaasa
50’s and 60’s was a time when movies broke new ground in terms of their stories and cinematic achievements. ‘Pyaasa’, setting all the records behind is a story of artistic pursuit in an unwelcoming society directed by, produced by and starring the man himself Guru Dutt. It’s a movie where songs and dance serves as an aid to the on-going story instead of being disruptive and mediocre unlike the other movies we see today. This perfect piece of art and the soulful composition from S.D.Burman is all about the sacrifices which are required by the world to follow one’s dreams- family, money and even love.

4. Do Aankhen Baraah Haath
V. Shantaram is one of the most highly regarded directors in the history of Indian cinema who is not only a master craftsman and technological innovator, but also an artist who dedicated himself as a means to further social causes. ‘Do Aankhen Baraah Haath’ by V. Shantaram, is a tale of an idealist jailer played by the characters of Adinath who wants to reform the prisoners accused of serious crimes can be turned socially productive beings and Champa a toy seller providing respite with dance and music from the serious tone. The message of the movie about reforming the criminals addresses the true humanitarian side of an individual and takes us in between the conflict of good v/s bad.

5. Paying Guest
‘Paying Guest’ is a masterpiece from one of the very talented director Subodh Mukherjee. The iconic star Dev Anand is the ‘Paying Guest’ in the film and Nutan is the one who holds the key to the success of this romantic cum comedy story. The music has been given by S.D Burman, once again pairing up with Dev Anand to mesmerise the audience and bind them in two hours of entertainment. The song Chhod do aanchal zamana kya kahega managed to swoon the audience and its definitely worth a watch for Nutan’s impeccable performance.

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 14 November 2016



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