Sula Fest 2017 – A Fest of Fine Wine, Good Music, Delicious Food And An Abundance Of Happiness

Sula Fest 2017 – A Fest of Fine Wine, Good Music, Delicious Food And An Abundance Of Happiness

With each subsequent year, the excitement around this festival only just continues to rise. As more and more people hear about the experiences that others have had, more are the people enquiring and attending this gourmet world music festival. Held on a site that’s conveniently huge, welcomingly cosy and curiously entertaining, The Sula Fest in 2017 is gearing up for a celebration of a decade of its existence. With a very happening techno stage, loud music reverberating in the airs of the vineyards, a tour of campsite, the very welcoming and young décor and happy relaxed people all around, The Sula Fest, year on year is possibly the biggest and the most looked forward to weekend in Nashik’s social calendar.

Music is not the only thing you can look forward to though. From the novel grape stomping to three variants of fortune telling (tarot card, parrot card and coffee cup readings), to enjoying a trip to the laden flea market, to trying Cointreau-based cocktails- it’s all a part of making your stay a memorable one. With ample opportunities to feast on localized combination of classic festival food, the visitors can not only munch on dark chocolates while sipping wine, but get a relaxing foot massage too.

Having gained an iconic status in the Indian wine market and amongst wine lovers, the Sula Fest has become a platform for confluence of wine culture and music. Year on year the festival also catches the radars of foreign nationals and hence the natives can also hope for a cross cultural exposure while socializing in the joyous serenading atmosphere of the fest.

Adding to all the extravaganza is the picturesque landscapes of the Sula Vineyards themselves. Venue plays a big role when you are trying to break away from a busy life and nothing could be more warm and welcoming as this campsite. With a burst of colours that greet you when you enter, to the decorations that please the eye, from the attractive paintings that scream for your interest to the expanse of greens that spread as far as the naked eye can go- the venue of the Sula Fest is truly an indulgent one in itself. With super luxurious tents that you can stay in and a beautiful pond that lets you watch the sunrise and the sunset in all its glory, the ambience is indeed a sight to behold!

Having said all this, the opportunities that the fest provides to satiate your wine quench and the quench for information of the same is truly matchless.

For all those who have been to the event before, it’s time to gear up again. For those who haven’t, it’s time to brace yourselves for an experience of a lifetime. With tickets now available on our website, coming February, there's no-where else in the world you'd rather be than The Sula Fest!

Written By: Nikita Mehta | Post Date: 24 November 2016



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