Movies are one of the lifelines in our lives. Many weekdays are spent anticipating the Friday release and hoping that it matches up to your expectation. Movie tickets are booked at PVR Cinema or other multiplexes lest they are sold out on D-day. The reason we appreciate this make-believe world is because it is three hours into a story, forgetting all the stress and worry that plague your life. Watching the lone hero beat up ten goons to pulp, the heroine running down valleys of beautiful snow, is almost therapeutic. It wipes out all the work issues and pending rent lines on your face and leaves a smile for you to bear the next work week!

Watching a movie in a cinema chain like Big Cinemas is an experience in itself. You can book your tickets online without having to cram around stuffy ticket counters. You can choose your own seats too! This being totally dependent on the availability of seats, make sure you don't wait till the last minute to book your tickets. With serve-on-seat options available at your bidding, you can sink into those comfortable loungers and get off only once the credits start rolling. If this is tat kind of a date where you have to watch a chick flick because your girlfriend won't take no for an answer, you are less likely to complain! Go all out on the array of food options like nachos, corn, sandwiches, and soft drinks! Multiplexes like Inox, Cinemax etc. are here to make chick flicks bearable!

The world's fourth largest theater circuit, Cinepolis is Mumbai's first ever international exhibitor. Originally a Mexican company, it boasts of Hollywood standard 4k digital screens. Movie goers can sit back and enjoy a truly international experience complete with 4K digital exposure. It runs many offers for patrons to earn and redeem points for free tickets. So if you are a regular cinema goer at Cinepolis, you will eventually make up enough points to redeem them for a free movie! For a completely outstanding and enjoyable experience, just book your tickets, sit back and experience the joys of watching a movie in the most luxurious setting ever!



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