I jiggle and therefore I am. Sweating like a pig. Feeling like a fox. I aim for the top. I succeed. Dealwith it. And yes, I look Hot! I prove you wrong, because THIS GIRL CAN!Research says that it takes about twenty one days for your body to set itself to a habit. Be it giving up your favourite food or be it taking the stairs in office without getting tired; be it pumping iron in the gym or be it going for a run­ do it for twenty one days at least to see the results! More often than not, people who have not been running on a daily basis, feel as if they will never be able to do it at all! Especially women, who are busier than the rest of the mankind! This is one side of the story.

The other side of the same story records the experiences of those women who took up running as a daily activity (almost grudgingly), and are now not willing to give it up! For some, it’s their daily dose of 'me time' and for some, it’s their salvation. The one hour which they now give themselves, is their best hour of the day. It makes them strong not only physically, but mentally too.

Echoing this sentiment, the DNA ICAN all women marathon is around the corner. As it is evident, this marathon, which is in its fifth year of running, is an all women participated marathon. The organizers, through this event are not only encouraging women to take up running as their daily dose of fitness, but are also giving the participants an opportunity to contribute towards a cause. The girls can choose between the 5km Fun Run, the 10 km Spirit Run or the 21km Half Marathon ­any one of them as long as they are running!

Being organized on the theme of ‘The world will say ICAN when you can’, this events aims to empower & strengthen the women spirit. They want more and more women to take to running, not because it is the latest fashion, but because it is the ideal way how a body should be fashioned! Organized by DNA, the English daily, this marathon is going to be held at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai on the 13th of this month.

The ones who have run this marathon in the previous years keep coming back. The one who are first time runners, are motivated to go already. If you none of them, you can join in by booking your spots online!

So ladies, don’t think how your muscles will ache on the next Monday morning, or don’t think if you'd be able to do it. Just get your running shoes ready and hit the ground. Do this only because in the end, it’s all going to be between you and yourself. You owe this much to YOU.

Written By: Nikita Mehta | Post Date: 09th March 2016



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