What would you expect from a film which has Prabhu Deva in lead? Dance of course! Sadly, Prabhu Deva is doing everything in Tutak Tutak Tutiya but dancing. This so-called “horror comedy” has neither comedy nor horror in it. After eight hit Tamil movies in his credits, this movie is director A.L Vijay's first hindi movie.

The film is about Krishna, played by Prabhu Deva, a 34-year- old, single, working professional in Mumbai. His only dream is to marry an ultra modern girl (since he himself hails from a village) who speaks fluent English. But destiny tricked him and some unavoidable circumstances lead him to marry a traditional village girl, Devi, played by Tamannaah Bhatia. Krishna is not happy with this marriage and is ashamed to even introduce Devi to his friends. They return to Mumbai and rent out a house which is haunted by the ghost of its previous owner Ruby, an ambitious starlet. She possesses Devi to fulfill her impending dream of becoming a popular actress. After a few days, Krishna notices his wife behaving abnormally and finds out that she is possessed by the ghost of Ruby, who died in their apartment. Ruby was a struggling actress who committed suicide out of frustration and depression. Now she is using Devi's body to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. And here enters Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood), a superstar and an action hero who is madly in love with Devi aka Ruby. The rest of the story is how Krishna gets his wife back and gets rid of the ghost of Ruby.

Sounds interesting? The storyline is not that bad but the execution is. The first and foremost flaw lies in the characterization. Prabhu Deva is made to act in the film. Who wants to see him act and emote? He is meant for dancing. He just gets only one odd dance number to show his moves. Tamannaah Bhatia's character lacks depth. Her transformation from a sari-wearing docile frump into a modern girl in short clothes is not at all convincing. Publicised as a comedy movie, Tutak Tutak Tutiya is not funny at all. The dialogues lack humour.

If you still want to watch this film, watch it for just one dance number Prabhu Deva has in this film. It's high time film makers should understand Prabhu Deva is meant for dancing not acting.

Summary: Next week, another comedy movie, Saat Uchakkey, starring Anupam Kher, K.K Menon, Annu Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee and Vijay Raaz is releasing. Let's hope, this movie really turns out be comic rather than a tragedy.

Written By: Mansi Gupta | Post Date: 13 October 2016



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